Backyard Birders

Our goal is to appreciate, understand and identify birds in our backyards and the environs of Placitas. The format of our meetings can range from simply identifying birds at our feeders, to hosting a speaker on subjects relating to birding, or bird walks in around our local areas. The host of each meeting will choose their topic of interest. Meetings are held in the members' homes. We meet monthly on the 4th Thursday at 10:00 a.m., January through October. We will email all the members, as we get closer to the meeting dates with the name and address of the host and the topic that will be discussed. Backyard Birders began in 2012 All members are welcome! Previous Chairs - Judith Roderick, 2016-2020 Judith Roderick, co-chair 2012-2015 Lilith Ren, co-chair, 2015 Annie Gross, co-chair 2013-2014 Natale Searl, founder & co-chair 2012-2013 Diane Wise, inspiration for Backyard Birders
MEMBERS - Susan Arreola Nadine Burton Ginny Davis Annie Gross Nancy Kellum-Rose Linda Lockett Harriet Neal Jim Neal Carol Ordogne Paul Ordogne Laurie Patterson Jennise Phillips Judith Roderick Mike Stoy Sandy Stoy Debbie Webster Erica Wendel-Oglesby
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Ginny Davis, Debbie Webster, Paul & Carol Ordogne, Co-Chairs 2021
Backyard Birders