Delectable Dining

Guidelines A monthly adventure - July through November Meets monthly on random dates Each month there will be one or two hosts who will: o Select the restaurant and request that the restaurant provide individual/couples checks o Be sure to include a vegetarian selection o Set the date, weekdays are preferable o Send all information to Annie to send out to all members of the group; host will handle all RSVP’s with the restaurant. Our group is new in 2016 Previous Chairs: Nancy Yates Annie Gross Pam Buethe, Founder
MEMBERS - Susan Arreola Amy Atkinson Ellie Blossom Susan Brown Kathy Bruch Elaine Carey Dorothy Coelho Karen Cox Alan Friedman Kathy Friedman Annie Gross Judy Hambrick Linda Hardin Kathy Hays Linda Heath Ted Heath Linda Hughes Jill Kennedy
Judy Labovitz Lavon Maestas Harriet Neal Jim Neal Linda Novy-Doll Jan O-Boyle Barbara Otter Carole Patterson Ron Richman Joanne Ruhl Lee Small Judy Stein Sherri Streicher Linda Suydam Tina Thomas Geri Verble Lora Woods Nancy Yates
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Amy Atkinson, Chair 2023
Delectable Dining