JPG’s (Jardineros Photography Group)

Vision The Jardineros Photography Group is a community of photographers with a wide range of interests and skill levels. JPGs are a creative and educational group for photographers to perfect their craft. Members meet to learn, share, improve and explore current photographic techniques. Attendance and participation are expected. Requirements for membership: Membership in Jardineros de Placitas. A commitment to improve photographic skills. Access to photo editing software and basic working knowledge of using it. Mission The JPG group currently meets monthly at the Placitas Community Library, on the second Tuesday of each month, except December, from 9:00-11:00 am Each member may submit up to three photos, to the meeting coordinator, aligning with the monthly group assignments or other individual projects. Each member must be prepared to receive critiques of their work and contribute critique to the work of others. Members are not required to submit photos for presentation at every meeting, but regular attendance is expected.
Joanie Wood, Chair, 2024
MEMBERS Carl Allen John Allen Seth Betterly Allen Bourne Roz Corriere Jeff Doll George Franzen Vicky Kimmel Harriet Neal Charlotte Perry Paul Smith Chris Sollart Mike Stoy John Streicher Michael Wile Joan Wood We no longer have a limit to number of members. Please contact chair if interested in joining our group.
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Previous Chairs - Jeff Doll Vicki Kimmel Rozanne Hakala Sharon Sanfelippo Erica Wendel-Oglesby Natalie Searl Karen DeMart, founder